“It’s about Islam, stupid!” by Mike Evans

An excerpt:

Liberals, lunatics and liars are still attempting to sell an American public, still in shock over 9-11, that Islam is a peaceful religion.

If that is true, then Islamic states need to prove it by their actions. Peacefulness did not come to mind when 68 Islamic heads of state gave a standing ovation to the prime minister of Malaysia at the Islamic World Summit when he said, “The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy.” One of those applauding loudly was Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. When he visited President Bush in Crawford, Texas, three members of his entourage were confined to the plane. Why? They were known terrorists wanted by the FBI in connection with terrorist activities. The U.S. State Department turned a blind eye, and allowed them to lounge in safety aboard the Saudi royal jet.

The first day of Ramadan was Sunday with the appearance of the new moon. Muslims believe that Ramadan began when the angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to Mohammad in A.D. 610. One billion Muslims celebrate Ramadan according to the lunar calendar, at the appearance of the crescent moon. They believe that Satan is chained during Ramadan, and that the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven are opened. They fast from sunup until sundown.

Islamic fundamentalists are attempting to recruit as many Muslims as possible by arguing that it is the obligation of every Muslim to fight a holy war in Iraq. The reason for the acceleration of attacks is because Islamic fundamentalists teach that America is the “Great Satan.” To attack the “Great Satan” on Ramadan and succeed, in their minds, is to prove that Satan is chained and that the door to hell (America’s ability to retaliate) is closed. This creates linkage between the faith of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism.

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