Israpundit has just posted an exclusive interview with Shaykh Palazzi

IsraPundit, a popular pro-Israel blog, has a post devoted to an exclusive e-interview with Shaykh Prof Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the remarkable Italian-Moslem cleric whose support for Israel has been the subject of many articles. Prof. Palazzi is one of the few Moslem clerics whose opposition to radical Islam and support for Israel are unequivocal.

The object of the interview was to solicit Prof Palazzi’s views on a variety of topics not covered elsewhere, ranging from the peace plans floated recently, to the Koranic passages which appear anti-Semitic, encourage violence, and suggest subjugation of Jews, Christians and other infidels.

In contrast to many published interviews, where Prof Palazzi’s responses are paraphrased and quoted in third person, the text given here quotes Prof Palazzi’s responses verbatim.

A few biographical notes about Prof. Palazzi as well as a selected list of links to relevant articles are given at the end of the interview.

Visit IsraPundit to read this engrossing interview.

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