Israel’s Population Hits 6.9 Million

On the eve of Israel’s 57th Independence Day, the country’s population is estimated at 6.9 million residents, says the Central Bureau of Statistics. Some 5,260,000 Jews currently live in Israel, 76% of the total population, alongside 1,350,000 Arabs, who comprise 20% of the population. Since last Independence Day, 149,000 babies were born and 26,000 new immigrants arrived, including 9,500 from Russia and former Soviet states, and 4,400 from Ethiopia. 65% of Jews were born in Israel, 950,000 were born in the former Soviet Union, while 77,000 were born in North America.

Folks, Israel has won this war. The Palestinians miscalculated and we Jews still exist, thrive, flourish, and contribute positively to civilization with our advances in medicine, science, technology, music, art and literature.

We witnessed the defeat of Nazism and we will one day witness the defeat of Palestinian/Arab/Muslim Islamism.