Israel’s new neighbor to be state of Taliban?

Allright, folks, I’m addressing this post to the Jewish and non-Jewish libs, the “peace-now” advocates, the apostate Jews ashamed of their heritage, to the left-wing Hollywood and European elite who shout “Israel is an occupier”, to those who have uttered the “I believe in a two-state solution” euphemism and who have defended “the poor palestinians” and useless humans like Rachel Corrie and Stanley Cohen:

Hamas, the godless mob of murderous barbarians, is swiftly gaining power in Gaza. Hamas, which is now firing an average of three rockets or mortars per day at Gaza’s Jewish communities, is using social welfare organizations in competition to the lesser or nonexistent services of the P.A. to garner support for its political candidates. The terror group already administers social services in Gaza, including medical, charitable and educational resources. Hamas also maintains a civilian infrastructure in Gaza that owns several shopping centers and local businesses.

Big deal, you say. We already knew that, you say. Well, keep reading, I’m not done yet:

The Palestinian Authority announced yesterday it will hold talks with Hamas and other terror groups regarding the possibility of a “national unity government” that will incorporate the various violent factions.

What does that mean? Well, lately, there have been alarming signs Hamas plans to use its newfound control to enforce Taliban-like rules on Gaza’s palestinian inhabitants. Hamas in Gaza has established hard-line Islamic courts and created the Hamas Anti-Corruption Group, which sources describe as a kind of “morality police” operating within Hamas’ organization. In fact, this weekend, a Hamas-run council in the West Bank barred an open-air music and dance festival, saying it was against Islam.

Hamas recently carried out an “honor killing”. On April 8, Yusra al-Azzami, a young female university student in the northern Gaza Strip, was caught by Hamas, together with another female, riding in a vehicle with two men. The Hamas members, reportedly officers of the Anti-Corruption Group, suspected the vehicle occupants of “immoral behavior” and shot at the car, killing al-Azzami and wounding the other occupants. The matter, according to the Palestinian media, was settled in Hamas’ hard-line Gaza Islamic court, not through the Palestinian Authority’s official judicial system. The terror group announced it agreed to pay al-Azzami’s family $35,000 for the wrongful death. (That’s cheap. That’s only $10,000 more than what Hamas, Arafat and Saddam Hussein paid palestinian terrorists to bomb Jews and Jewish establishments.)

Folks, Hamas is imposing Islamic law and order, not democratic law and order. Next month, Israel plans to evacuate the Jewish communities of Gaza. What’s going to happen then? Well, Hamas regularly fires rockets and mortars at Gaza’s Jewish communities. As the Aug. 15 evacuation draws closer, the rocket attacks are expected to increase exponentially so Hamas can claim it drove Israel from Gaza.

Once the Jews are gone from Gaza, Hamas and the other Muslim barbarians will engulf Israel, like a bacterial paramecium, in order to attack and invade Israel, and it will continue daily. It will be worse than it ever was. Thousands of more Jews will be blown to pieces.

To those Jews whom I addressed this post – those who were faithless and apathetic and ashamed of being Jewish – they are the ones that helped enable this godless 23rd Islamic kleptocracy to be born. It is to those Jews who I admonish; because it was not politically correct to do so, you remained silent and were afraid to name Islam the enemy. As Jews, you retreated and were embarassed about your religion. You said about your fellow Jews in Israel – retreat – because it’s better to live like mice than to live like lions, like the lions of Judah.

Now, sadly, you will get what you wanted. Your apathy and your self-loathing has placed your fellow Jews into a dangerous, self-imposed ghetto, surrounded by 23 nations of Islamic theocracies and brutal dictatorships, run by racist madmen.

More horror is to come because the battle over Jerusalem has not yet begun. But when it does, so will our heartache. Perhaps then, Jews who didn’t believe will begin to believe, and they will find a flicker, a flame, somewhere deep inside their souls – a knowledge of HaShem, the One and Only, and maybe then the rest of us will be able to receive our promised redemption, because other than being redeemed in Gd’s Eyes, there is nothing good that is going to come our way. Nothing.

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