Israel’s military expects Palestinian rocket and missile strikes from the West Bank by 2007

Military sources said the Intelligence Corps has determined that Palestinian insurgency groups would acquire sufficient technology and components to assemble missiles modeled after the Hamas-origin Kassam. The sources said Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have conducted tests of crude missiles and rockets.”

At this point, the main thing stopping rocket strikes against Israel fromthe West Bank is the inability by local Palestinians to design a weapon with sufficient range,” a military source said. “A missile or rocket that can travel one or two kilometers has little value.”

On Thursday, Palestinian gunners fired two Kassam-class, short-range missiles from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel.

There were no reports of injuries.


And I might add, there was no outrage from the international community, but then again, what’s a dead Jew anyway?

Note: The above is not the full item. This service contains only a small portion of the information produced daily by Middle East Newsline.

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