Israel’s Best Friend – Another canine hero lost to terrorist dogs

Weekend Israeli papers were full of articles about “Arkos” a two-year-old German Shepherd that was killed in the line of duty near Jenin, when Israeli commandos used the specially trained canine to help flush a terrorist involved in a recent Tel Aviv bombing out of his hideout. The dog was killed by the terrorist after being sent into the house where the terrorist was hiding to help detect his location. Arkos was the 20th dog killed in the line of duty since the beginning of the failed “Intifada”.

Arkos was buried in the special canine cemetery on the Oketz base. Oketz is an elite Israeli unit that uses dogs to detect terrorists and explosives.

People wishing to contribute funds to buy and breed canines for the defense of Israel can contact the kennels of Hagedud Haivri where special service dogs are raised and trained for Israeli defense.

Many of the dogs are offered to the Israeli security services as well as used by volunteer handlers to help prevent terrorism in Israel. Funds are desperately needed for this vital life-saving endeavor. Volunteers who wish to join a course and to do hands-on security work in Israel with canines can join the Gedud. A new yeshiva program also offers volunteers not only the highest standard in canine service training but also a Yeshiva program second to none. The yeshiva is accepting new students for the summer semester and joint military yeshiva programs are also available.

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