Israeli “Smart Bomb” Silently Seeks Target

Good news. Now wouldn’t it be delicious if Hassan Nasrallah, Mahmoud Admadinehjad, Abu Mazen, Leslie Cagan, Hannah Mermelstein, Muqtada al-Sadr, and a few other loathesome Jew-hating bastards were on the receiving end. From Israeli “Smart Bomb” Silently Seeks Target:

The Israeli-made “Spice” precision-guided munition has no engine to give it away to sensors and does not rely on global positioning systems to guide it to its target, making it very hard to detect or deflect, the IDF officer in charge of the project said Monday. A fighter plane can be loaded with several Spice bombs which can be programmed to hit different targets despite being launched from the same spot. Once released, Spice glides in to destroy its target, which can be dozens of kilometers away, with twice the range of the American-produced JDAM.

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