Israeli Security Agency Warns of Hamas Attacks

From Israeli Security Agency Warns of Hamas Attacks:

A recent wave of arrests of Hamas militants in the West Bank town of Kalkilya, linked to a truck packed with 220 pounds of explosives and driven to the Tel Aviv area, provided evidence that Hamas members there are primed to resume attacks in Israel, the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet asserted Tuesday. The Shin Bet statement warned that Hamas operatives in Kalkilya “continue to work on the planning and execution of significant attacks, including ones in the immediate future.” There has been a hiatus in Hamas suicide attacks since August 2004, but a senior Israeli army commander said recently that there are “some groups in the military wing of Hamas that don’t like the cease-fire or the unity government.” David Baker, an official in the office of Prime Minister Olmert, asserted that Hamas “continues to target Israeli civilians.” “Terrorism is a cornerstone of the new Palestinian government, a government that should be shunned,” he said.

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