Israeli rescue team rushed to Kenya after building collapse…

…and not one “palestinian” has followed.

Folks, Israel dispatched a plane with 80 members of a Home Front rescue team to Kenya on Monday to help extricate survivors from a building that collapsed in central Nairobi trapping more than 280 construction workers inside.

Israel dispatched a similar team to Nairobi in 1998 after the terrorist bombing of the U.S. embassy.

Did the kleptocracy-in-the-making – “palestine” – dispatch any teams to extricate survivors?


Have “palestinians” ever rushed to assist anyone in another nation, that wasn’t a rogue nation hell-bent on killing Jews?


Have “palestinians” modified their national charter to remove the 30 articles in it which call for the destruction of the sovereign and legitimate nation of Israel?


Can you name three things that the “palestinians” have contributed to civilization that can be considered humanitarian in cause?


Can you name the “palestinian” currency and its exchange rate with the US dollar or the Euro?

No, because there is no such currency nor has there ever been a “palestinian” currency. In fact, there has never been a “palestinian” nation and when there was a “palestinian” region, it was a description to describe the Jews who lived there. In fact, during WWII, Jews were told to go to Palestine. Ironically, today, Jews are told to leave “palestine”.

And the hajib-covered witches over at that other blog? Screeching like screaming banshees about apartheid? Yeah, let’s talk about apartheid. It’s the palestinian arabs who are the segregationists. They are the ones who want a segregated state of “palestine”, where no Jews are allowed. Yet, the same palestinian dervishes don’t want a wall between them and the sovereign nation of Israel. Why is that?

Because the wall gets in the way of their kill-switch. Because when that kill-switch is itching to get into the “on” position so that their mission to kill one more Jew is complete, that wall is one huge obstacle.

Face it, folks, you have been defrauded by the mythology of “palestine”.

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