Israeli Population Centers Under Constant Attack

From Israeli Population Centers Under Constant Attack:

The Kassam that landed in Ashkelon is not an escalation of violence. It is yet another rocket fired at Israel. Ashkelon is in the same boat as Sderot, which has been a target of Kassams for a whole year now. Israel lies within reach of all the weapons in the Arab world, but these countries are not firing at us. The very fact that population centers in Israel are under constant attack is a casus belli. No country in the world would stand for such a thing. Gaza must be dealt with on a trouble-spot basis, without a stopwatch in hand. We must go in and out as needed, and do whatever clean-ups need to be done. The point is not to go in there and stay.

Israel must insist that the PA take responsibility and crack down on this strange octopus-like creature that has a foreign arm and a domestic arm, a military arm and a prisoner arm, with Khaled Mashaal waving his baton over all of them and orchestrating from Damascus. Israel has no interest in making an innocent population suffer, but it must use force, properly and wisely meted out, to protect its citizens.

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