Israeli ‘hackers’ target Hezbollah TV

Rather than bombing them off the air, IDF psy-ops teams have apparently targeted Hezbollah’s al-Manara TV, which generally shows harangues of Hassan (Nasty) Nasrallah and photos of Hezbollah ‘victories.’ Al Manara TV viewers are getting messages of another kind as well now.

To read about it click here but Be Warned: this is an aljazeera link. Use caution when clicking on any link from the enemy.

“Nasrallah lies: it is not us that is hiding our losses,” continued the text, which appeared during the evening news and stayed on screen for several minutes.

A photograph of Nasrallah himself also appeared with the legend: “member of Hezbollah: watch out.”

Another photograph of corpses was framed by the words: “there are a large number of corpses like this on the ground and Nasrallah is hiding this truth.”

Israel also recently hacked into FM radio stations and instead of normal programmes a two-minute recording was repeatedly broadcast.

“Hassan sent men to fight the Israeli army, an army of steel, without preparing them. Stop listening to patriotic hymns for a moment, reflect and bring your feet back to the ground,” said the Arabic message.

Israel has reportedly used a variety of technological weapons to add a psychological dimension to its war in Lebanon.

Lebanese mobile phone users have also received text and voice messages saying the Israeli offensive was aimed against Hezbollah and not the Lebanese people.

Hat tip to Zionism-Israel

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