Israeli crew saves palestinian baby

A bullet-proof Israeli ambulance entered the West Bank city of Ramallah on Thursday in order to save a six-month old baby in critical condition after reportedly inhaling toxic substances.

This was the first time a Magen David Adom ambulance entered the Palestinian territories since the second intifada broke out in the year 2000. Up until now, MDA ambulances would only go as far as the IDF checkpoints, where they would pick up Palestinian patients in need of medical care in Israel.

Immediately after receiving the Palestinians’ call for help, the Civil Administration’s West Bank division called MDA requesting paramedics from Jerusalem take on the mission. Two Arab-Israeli paramedics took the call. The paramedics evacuated the unconscious baby, just a few hours after two other babies, who went to the same daycare center as the boy, died of similar symptoms. MDA believes the babies were poisoned, but it is not clear with what or how. Israel is forever a light unto the nations.

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