Israeli airport communication being intentionally jammed

How Muslims like to operate in order to promote the myth that they are peace-loving people. From IMRA:

Israel Radio correspondent broadcast monitor Mickey Gurdis reported this morning on Israel Radio that yesterday, during the holiday, Israeli airport communication frequencies were frequently jammed, creating a very dangerous situation for planes landing and taking off.

Gurdis noted that only the Israeli frequencies were being jammed and that the phenomenon certainly could not be attributed to the illegal Israeli radio stations – as they did not broadcast during the holiday. Gurdis suggested that the jamming was an intentional act of sabotage by hostile elements.

Back on 20 August 2002 Gurdis reported that the broadcasts of various radio stations – both “pirate” and regular – as well as simple radio noise and the sound of motors – was being broadcast on the communication channels used for communications between the control tower of Ben Gurion Airport and planes. At times the jammer actually switched frequencies to follow the frequency changes of the control tower.

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