Israel Under Fire 17 July – Day 6 – Summary of events from HonestReporting

Just in…..Summary of events from HonestReporting:

17 July – DAY SIX

** Syrian-made Farjar missiles strike Haifa on Sunday, killing eight people in a railway depot.
** Five people wounded Monday afternoon in Haifa after building collapses as a result of a direct Katyusha hit.
** Magen David Adom reported on Sunday evening that eight people were killed and 39 people wounded, four seriously, nine moderately, eight lightly and 18 suffering shock, since Sunday morning in northern Israel.
** Since the fighting in the north began, as of Sunday night, a total of 20 Israelis have been killed including IDF troops.
** 377 have been wounded – seven seriously, 22 moderately, 127 lightly and 201 have suffered shock.
** Katyushas land Sunday night in Afula, Upper Nazareth, Migdal Hamemek, and Givat Ela – the furthest south that Hezbollah has managed to hit so far.
** Six people treated for shock in Afula.
** Four lightly injured Monday morning in Katyusha strike on Mitzpe Tal El in western Galilee; two more injured in attack near Acre.
** Katyusha barrage falls Monday morning on the western Galilee villages of Julis, Abu Snaan, and Kfar Yasif, the city of Safed, as well as Tiberias.
** Karmiel struck by Katyushas on Monday afternoon; a number of people reportedly suffering from shock.
** Between 5 and 10 Qassam missiles fired from Gaza at Sderot and its environs – two Sderot residents lightly injured by shrapnel; 2 Qassams land in Ashkelon industrial zone Monday afternoon.

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