Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners

More Jewish appeasement from the atheistic and faithless Olmert. From Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners:

Prime Minister Olmert, in a surprise gesture intended to strengthen PA Chairman Abbas, announced at Monday’s summit in Sharm e-Sheikh the unilateral release of 250 Fatah prisoners. Olmert said he was taking this step “because it is important that every Palestinian know that those who are willing to establish peaceful relations and conciliation with us will get from us a conciliatory hand extended in return.” Olmert said he told Abbas Israel would release frozen PA tax revenue, renew security and economic cooperation, “significantly improve” freedom of movement in the West Bank, and renew and widen commerce between Israel and the West Bank. Olmert also said he acceded to Abbas’ request to continue to supply Gaza with electricity, water, medical services, food and drugs.

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