Israel sending emergency relief supplies to U.S.

The Bush administration has accepted Israel’s offers of assistance to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, with a first shipment of supplies to be sent on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“Israel was one of the first nations to offer relief aid, if not the first,” said Israeli Ambassador to Washington Danny Ayalon.

Among the relief items most requested by the administration are IDF-type “battle ration” field meals, preserved foods, water, blankets, clothes, tents, generators, and sanitary facilities.

Prime Minister Sharon told the cabinet Sunday that a delegation of Israeli government experts would leave this week to determine areas in which Israel will help the relief effort in the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast.

Medical students unable to attend the Katrina-ravaged Tulane University in New Orleans can attend Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine, said Itamar Rabinovich, president of Tel Aviv University.

“The United States has stood at Israel’s side through difficult times, and I believe it our duty to help her in those spheres in which we can be of assistance,” he said.

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