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Israel Runs Live Holy Site Internet Camera at Repair Site

Here is the link to the Live Camera Feed: http://www.antiquities.org.il/home_eng.asp which Israel has begun to broadcast of a construction project in an effort to prove to Muslims that their propaganda and rhetoric and accusations that their mosque is in danger, are full of crap.Israel began excavations last week to lay the ground to repair an earthen ramp leading to the hilltop at the Holy Jewish Temple Mount. The work sparked immediate protests at the site and condemnation from across the Muslim and Arab world.Three cameras at the site began broadcasting live images on Thursday and will work around the clock, Israel Antiquities Authority spokeswoman Osnat Goaz said.”They film all angles of the works so people can view what’s going there all hours of the day,” she said. “The works do not go anywhere near any holy site and everybody can see that from the cameras.”However, angry Muslims said they were not satisfied with the cameras. “This procedure is not enough,” said Ismail Radwan, a spokesman for the militant Palestinian group Hamas. “The Zionist enemy is engaging in trickery and continuing its digging. We don’t trust these procedures.”
—–Heh-heh, see for yourselves, muzbots: http://www.antiquities.org.il/home_eng.asp

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