Israel Retaliates

Using “international law” as a crutch. From Israel Retaliates:

Hamas, the murderous gang that rules Gaza, has declared permanent war on Israel, vowing never to accommodate to the reality of the Jewish state. But Hamas has not only declared war on Israel, the suicidal messianists and their allies in the struggle actually make war on Israel – continuously.

A short while ago a Kassam rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza wounded some 60 soldiers in training, only a bit after another rocket had hit a school with children in it.

Israel has now decided to cut off fuel and electrical power from Gaza. Not water, mind you, and not the totality of fuel and electricity hitherto delivered, either.

Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the UN, says that this would violate international law. What international law? There isn’t any that prohibits such action in these circumstances.

When does a country, which is attacked daily, supply an enemy population with provisions necessary to carry out aggressive action?

The Palestinians have demonstrated both homicidal and suicidal instincts. It is not the role of Israel to rescue them from these tendencies.

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