Israel Retaliates, Targets Islamic Jihad in Gaza

When Palestinian Arab Muslims screw up, they blame Israel. Considering the fact that Palestinian Arab Muslims screw up in scope in every category from civility to being able to commit to a peace treaty, well, that’s a lot of blaming they have to do, so that they don’t have to take any responsibility. Now, the Palestinian Arab Muslim cry babies are saying they are retaliating for Israel’s retaliation. Typical talkspeak for the Muslim community. Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the PA, said that Israel’s counter-terrorism operations were

“a bloody Israeli message in which Israel shirks itself [sic] of any commitment.”

Rudeineh also accused Israel of

“killing the spirit of the Annapolis conference.”

I haven’t heard this much crap since President Bush said “Islam is a religion of peace”. Palestinian Arab Muslims aren’t exactly chained to their Kassam rocket launchers and their homicide belts. They actually enjoy killing. From Israel Targets Islamic Jihad in Gaza:

Israeli planes bombed three buildings linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Thursday. The first air strike targeted the Gaza City home of Karim al-Dahdouh, a senior Islamic Jihad bombmaker killed last month. The second air strike hit the home of Abu al-Murshed, an Islamic Jihad leader killed last week. A third building belonging to an Islamic Jihad member in Khan Younis was bombed minutes later. The Israel Air Force bombed Gaza three times on Thursday afternoon in retaliation for a Katyusha rocket that landed further north than any rocket ever fired from Gaza. Shortly afterwards, a Kassam rocket attack from Gaza injured a Sderot woman hanging laundry.
An Iranian-supplied Katyusha rocket fired around 11 AM on Thursday by Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza towards Ashkelon landed further north than ever before – 16.5 kilometers (10 miles) from Gaza. No one was hurt in the attack, though the missile landed only some 50 meters (55 yards) from a residential neighborhood.

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