Israel Protests Katyusha Fire from Lebanon

From Israel Protests Katyusha Fire from Lebanon:

Israel Tuesday submitted a strong protest to the UN Secretary General and to the President of the Security Council regarding the shooting of two Katyusha rockets from Lebanon at Shlomi, in the western Galilee. The rocket fire constitutes a serious violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and serves as further proof that the resolution is not being strictly implemented. Israel has for months been warning of the military consolidation and strengthening of the armed militias in southern Lebanon, including Hizbullah, north and south of the Litani River, as well as the continuing smuggling of Syrian and Iranian arms from Syria into Lebanon. UNIFIL must take very decisive action to implement the resolution and take effective measures to prevent the smuggling of Syrian and Iranian arms across the Syrian-Lebanese border, to prevent the entry of extremist elements into Lebanon, and to disarm all the armed militias and organizations in Lebanon, according to UN Security Council resolutions.

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