Israel orders rabbi out of oldest Jewish city

Israel is the only nation in the world that forcibly evicts its own civilians in order to appease its enemies. Doing so is an assault on G-d, it’s an assault on faith in G-d, it’s an assault on Israel’s nationality and sovereignty, it’s an offense to those Jews who died defending Jerusalem, it’s a sign of weakness and cowardice, it’s a symptom of self-loathing, it’s a sign of irrational guilt, it’s an affront to all Jews, and it’s a signal to Judaism’s enemies that they can continue to intimidate us. Pass the Zyklon B because enough Jews haven’t died according to Olmert and Rice, both traitors. From WND:

Fresh from bulldozing a synagogue near Judaism’s third holiest site, destroying another synagogue near Judaism’s second holiest site and calling up 3,000 soldiers to forcibly evict two Jewish families from a Jewish market, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government now has ordered a rabbi and his mobile yeshiva to vacate Hebron, the oldest Jewish city.

Rabbi Danny Cohen, an emissary to Hebron for the Chabad Lubavitch Worldwide Jewish Outreach Movement, says he was surprised when earlier this week he received an eviction notice from the Israeli government demanding he remove his mobile structure from the city.

Cohen teaches Torah and organizes prayer quarams for Hebron residents from his headquarters – a mobile trailer parked in Hebron’s Jewish neighborhood. The rabbi says he was forced to set up religious shop in the trailer because of extreme Israeli government regulations against building new Jewish structures in Hebron, an important biblical city that once served as the Jewish capital.

Hebron is home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the second holiest site in Judaism. The tomb is believed to be the resting place of the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.

While rampant illegal construction in Arab sections of Hebron remains largely unregulated, the Israeli government strictly enforces construction regulations in the city’s Jewish sections, which are cordoned off to about 25 percent of Hebron’s territory; the rest of Hebron is Arab.

Cohen told Shturem.net, a Chabad news site, he was dismayed by the Israeli government’s eviction notice.

“We were compelled to buy this mobile unit, because it is forbidden to erect new structures in Hebron, and now they want us to move his too,” he stated.

“In Hebron one can witness outright discrimination. While Arabs have been building as much as they want, Jews are forbidden to build even the smallest structure. This mobile unit is not a permanent building and still the authorities ordered the emissaries not to use it in the city,” Cohen said.

Cohen said he would petition the Israeli court system for permission to remain in his trailer in the city and was hopeful he could stay.

The saga comes just after Olmert’s government earlier this week mobilized 3,000 soldiers who forcibly evicted two Jewish families from a Jewish market in Hebron.

The government maintains the families’ residency in Hebron was illegal, since their arrival wasn’t coordinated with the Israeli military. The families say they moved in after the military reneged on an agreement.

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