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Funeral for Asher Veisgan

Asher Veisgan found dead in prison cell

We are sorry to inform you of the sudden death of Asher Veisgan. According to the Israeli Prison Authorities, Asher committed suicide with his Tefilin, Friday, Dec. 21, 06. Asher was sentenced to 112 years in prison for killing four Arabs in Shilo “to stop the disengagement/expulsion”, July 2005. Asher was influenced by the former GSS Director Avi Dichter, who had said, “It will only take one Jewish settler nut to derail the disengagement by going on a shooting spree against Arabs.”

At his trial, Asher said, “I was the one nut Dichter was looking for, I am shocked others did not do the same thing. I took action to try and prevent the catastrophic disengagement that will lead to many deaths of innocent Jews and Arabs.”

The funeral for Asher will commence at 1:30 PM, Monday Dec. 25th at the Jerusalem Shamgar funeral Parlour.

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