Israel judged by double standard

Simple bias, ignored by the media. Why? Because Arabs committed the crime, not Jews. From The Calgary Sun:

A Western ally in the Middle East, armed with U.S. weapons, attacked Muslim guerrillas in a Palestinian refugee camp last week, killing seven. Is that big news? The answer, this time, is “no”. No Western newspaper has run a banner headline about a “massacre,” no emergency meetings of the United Nations have been convened, and Canada’s deep thinkers on human rights, Michael Ignatieff and Louise Arbour, have not declared the military action to be a war crime. That’s because the Western ally rooting out terrorists was Lebanon, not Israel.Since May 20, Lebanon has been engaged in a mini-civil waragainst Fatah al-Islam, which is just what it sounds like — aMuslim terrorist group, holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp called Narh el-Bared. Killing Palestinians, including Palestinian terrorists, is normally fodder for at least half a dozen UN resolutions, investigations and accusations, and plenty of harrumphing fromthe CBC, BBC and Globe and Mail.But only if the ones rooting out the terrorist are Israelis –that is, Jews. Lebanon’s army is no different in any respect, other than that one fact.

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