Israel is a sovereign and legitimate nation. “Palestine” is neither.

Folks, it becomes tiresome to remind Israel-bashers again and again that Israel is legal and legally owns what was mandated Palestine. Israel is not occupying Arab land – in fact, the reverse is true. Yes, it is the Arabs who are occupying Jewish land. It is inaccurate to have Israel-bashers continue to believe the Arabs own the land of Israel.

The historical documents authenticating Israel as a legitimate and sovereign nation are massive and comprehensive. Click here for the Balfour Declaration, click here for information on the British White Paper – Great Britain issued the White Paper of 1922, agreeing to give Arabs almost 80% of Palestine, which was severed from the rest of the colony and called Transjordan (later re-named Jordan), click here for the San Remo Resolution, click here for Resolution 242, and click here for the May 16, 1948 Declaration of State.

The aforementioned documents are undeniably forensic proof of the legitimacy and the sovereignty of the nation of Israel.

Pitifully, most non-Jews see Jews as a homeless people. Non-Jews assume if the Jews are on a particular parcel of land, it must belong to someone else. Is that right? No, it is absolutely wrong. The historical documents that I have provided prove the legitmacy of the nation of Israel.

Click here to read an extrapolation on this perspective, from Barbara Lerner.

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