Israel hands over Jericho to palestinian barbarians

Folks, I wept yesterday. I wept because Israel has handed over Jericho to palestinian barbarians in what is a message to palestinian killers and other arab muslim thugs that terrorism pays off.

Jericho is the first of five “west bank” towns that will be sacrificed on the altar of palestinian criminality over the next several weeks and will be the first town stolen from Israel to create the kleptocracy, “palestine”.

Jericho is mentioned in our Torah and is described as a city in the Jordan valley, opposite Nebo (Deut. 32:49), to the west of Gilgal (Josh. 4-19). The part of the Jordan near Jericho was called “the Jordan of Jericho” (Num. 22:1, Hebr.). It was a well-fortified city, surrounded by a wall, the gate of which was closed at dusk (Josh. 2:5, 15), and was ruled by a king (Josh 2:2, 12:9). It was also rich in cattle and particularly in gold and silver (Josh vii. 21). Jericho was conquered by Joshua, its wall being swallowed up by the earth and it is counted among the places where miracles were performed and where a benediction must be recited. The city and everything in it were burned; only the vessels of gold, silver, copper, and iron were declared sacred and were reserved for the treasury of the Lord (Josh 6: 21-25). Joshua pronounced a solemn curse on the man who should rebuild Jericho (Josh 6:26). When Joshua pronounced the curse against whomever should rebuild it, he meant both the rebuilder of Jericho and the builder of any other city under the same name.

May this curse take its hand on the arabian thieves who inhabit Jericho.

Israel hands over Jericho to undeserving palestinians

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