Israel Government betrays its own claim to Hebron

To my Jewish brethren in Israel: Rebuild your nation, defend your people from your government’s oppression, defend your people from the barbarian Arabs, and rid yourselves of the cancerous entity “Peace Now”. There is no longer a single Jew in the Israeli government. The government is filled with men of little faith. Israel has indeed fallen from grace. From INN:

The State Prosecution says a recent Hebron decision should be overturned and that Jews should be evicted from their marketplace homes.

Responding to the Supreme Court in the framework of a judicial process regarding Jewish presence just off the old Jewish marketplace, the State Prosecution stated that the Jews should be evicted. Peace Now had appealed an earlier decision to allow one family to continue living in an old store built several decades ago by the Jordanians on Jewish-owned property, and another family to reside in a room it added to an existing home.

The reason for the change in position? Concern for the rule of law. In its statement to the Court, the Prosecution writes, “The Appellate Committee’s decision to issue an order preventing the eviction of the infiltrators does not give appropriate weight to the importance of maintaining law, or to the grave harm that will be caused to the rule of law if the legally-ungrounded infiltrators remain in the stores.”

“Therefore,” the Prosecution continues, “this is a decision that is unreasonable in an extreme manner, to the extent that justifies the intervention of the honorable Court.”

Hevron Jewish Community spokesman David Wilder told Arutz-7, “We’re dealing with Jewish property whose owner – Yosef Ezra, whose family lived here for hundreds of years – has declared that he wants us to live there, until the property can returned to him legally. The army has stated in the past that the stores should never be reopened, because of security dangers they represent to the Jewish Community here. Therefore, the fact that the State Prosecution is backing Peace Now’s claim is so blatantly political and against Jewish Hevron that it seems we’re dealing more with a Bolshevik regime than with legal democratic issues.”

Hevron Jewish Community spokesman David Wilder feels that the Jews in Hevron are suffering from the plans being made for the Annapolis summit next month. He explained that Olmert will need to make a significant concession: “It won’t be able to be Jerusalem, for that’s still too sticky an issue. Nor can it be a Palestinian state – that’s already old hat. So it will have to be a commitment to remove the Jews from the most sensitive settlement of all – Hevron.”

Wilder says that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is exerting great pressure to this end.

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