Israel Criticizes Egyptian Media Attacks

From Israel Criticizes Egyptian Media Attacks:

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Wednesday criticized Egyptian media statements accusing Israel of killing 250 Egyptian prisoners of war during the 1967 War, based on an Israeli documentary film broadcast last week. Senior ministry officials viewed the documentary and concluded it “shows clearly that this was not a case of the ‘murder of helpless POWs,’ but rather a battle between Israeli soldiers and an Egyptian commando unit….The movie leaves no doubt that the soldiers were killed in battle and were not POWs.” “Thirty years after Egyptian President Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem, and 28 years after the signing of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty and the beginning of a new era in the Middle East, it is inappropriate to dig up issues from the distant past, especially when there is no factual basis to the accusations,” the ministry said. “Israel views with grave concern the campaign to slander and incite against Israel in the Egyptian Parliament and media” and hopes Egypt will “bring the facts” before its public and “restore quiet.”

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