Israel cannot be blamed for pan-Arab roots of al-Haram (shame)

Excerpted from FLAME:

In the prevailing Arab “narrative,” all the problems in the Arab world are due to Israel. In the Arab world, where Osama bin Laden is the Arabs’ most adulated hero because he committed the 9/11 deed (though everyone in that world also knows that “Israel’s Mossad was responsible for 9/11”), the crazy logic that “Israel is the cause of all Arab misfortunes” does indeed make sense.

However, in our world, a world that strives for rational analysis by means of objectivity and the evaluation of all relevant facts, things look different.

In the real world, Israel cannot be blamed for:

The Muslim enslavement of black Africans in Mauritania,

The mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Arabs in a 13-year Algerian civil war,

The endless brutal oppression of Egyptian Christian Copts in Egypt by Egyptian Muslims,

The genocide of 2,000,000 black African Christians and animists in South Sudan by Sudanese Muslim Arabs over the past 23 years,

The genocide of 800,000 black African Muslims in Western Sudan (aka Darfur) by Sudanese Muslim Arabs over the past 5 years,

The blatant religious apartheid of the Saudi government in Arabia,

The mass murder of Arabian Shi’ites by the Saudi royal family,

The de facto maintenance of slavery as an economic institution in Arabia,

Saddam Hussein’s murder of hundreds of thousands of his own Iraqi citizens during his 32 years of repressive tyrannical rule,

The current Muslim-vs.-Muslim terrorist carnage in Iraq,

The Taliban reign of terror in Afghanistan,

The decades-old civil war between Islamofascists and non-Muslims in Nigeria,

Syria’s brutal 27-year occupation of Lebanon,

Six decades of Muslim terrorism against the Hindus of Kashmir and Gujarat,

The Muslim repression of Hindus in Bangladesh,

Islamic terrorism in East Asia (Bali, East Timor, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia),
Muslim terrorism against Russia (remember 186 dead children at the school in Beslan?)
The brutal Islamic subjugation of women prevalent in many Muslim countries for the last millennium,

The Muslim persecution of Christians and Jews throughout the Muslim world since the beginning of Islam,

The fact that the “religion of peace” spawned a thousand-year war against the non-Muslim world (aka Jihad) a thousand years before Israel came in to existence, The grinding poverty and lack of productivity that typify even the richest of Arab countries, as documented in three recent UN-sponsored studies,

The fact that, while not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists, for the past 30 years, are Muslims,

The fact that millions of Muslims every year flee their home states, Shari’a law, and Islamic sovereignty, to seek refuge, a better life, broader opportunities, freedom and a brighter future for their children . . . in Western states. Until Arab leaders are willing to accept responsibility for their own cultural dysfunctionality, they and their unfortunate subjects are unlikely to emerge from social, economic and political bankruptcy. Obviously, blaming Israel does not merely miss the point, it also creates a profoundly dangerous misrepresentation of the root cause of the conflict. It confuses the arsonist (obdurate Arab hatred of Jews) with the fire-fighter (Israel defending itself against Arab terrorism). Given this intransigent Arab hatred of Jews and Israel—as well as the message of misappropriated blame—it is not just folly for the USA to pressure Israel to make concessions when negotiating Middle East peace deals; it is actually a mechanism that stokes violence by supporting the Arab lie, and it weakens Israel’s ability to defend itself.It’s time that Western governments stop pretending to believe the Arab lie. It’s time to address the real root causes of the relentless Arab war against Israel and the Jews.

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