Israel Can Shoot Down Dozens of Missiles Simultaneously

On Tuesday, while Mahmoud “monkey man” Ahmadinejad arrogantly bragged about a new weapon his theocratic dictatorship supposedly tested for use at sea which can “easily” close a major oil passageway, the Israel Air Force simultaneously unveiled Sniper, a system developed by three Israeli companies that identifies a target, whether missile or plane, while it is still hundreds of kilometers from Israel, enabling it to be struck with missiles.

The IAF stressed that this system is currently reserved for Israel’s exclusive use; U.S. Patriot batteries elsewhere in the world are not equipped with Sniper.

A senior officer said the first Sniper units were deployed about a month ago, and more will be deployed in the future. He added that Israel now has the ability to bring down dozens of missiles simultaneously, and to select which missiles to target based on each missile’s projected landing site.

Click for a video of the Israel Air Force’s anti-aircraft division carrying out a large exercise testing its response to simultaneous missile strikes by Syria, Hizbullah and Iran.

Sniper. Just one more reason why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his minions better learn to sleep with one eye open.

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