Israel Bans Five British-Based Charities

Originally Posted: 07 Sep 2008 11:58 AM CDT

“Union of Good.” Good as in “good as long as you are Jewish and not breathing.” Via TimesOnline:

Israel banned five British-based charities operating in Gaza for their links with Hamas, including Muslim Aid, Human Appeal International, Muslim Hands, Human Relief Foundation, and Educational Aid for Palestinians.

This came as the Israeli Embassy in London warned that action would be taken against charity organizations that were dealing with terrorism groups. The military wing of Hamas, Izz al-Din al-Qassem Brigades, which has been responsible for numerous suicide attacks in Israel, was banned by Britain in March 2001.

An Israeli embassy spokesman said: “Israel in principle deserves the right to protect the lives of our citizens. So if we have to stop, or to act against, terrorist organizations or organizations which are somehow involved in financing, aiding terrorist activities, we have to act against them.”

The British charities are among 36 predominantly Muslim organizations that are part of the “Union of Good” umbrella body “composed of dozens of extremist Islamic foundations worldwide,” according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

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