The ISM’s “Jewish Voice for Peace”

From The ISM’s “Jewish Voice for Peace”:

In 2003, anti-Israel groups such as the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and its university-based student arm, the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM), unveiled a new strategy aimed at undermining support for Israel among American Jews. Members were told how to infiltrate Jewish organizations in America, while claiming to present “another point of view” on Israel. Their mission: To advance the notion that enlightened Jews do not support Israel.

A leader in this strategy is a Berkeley, California, group called A Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). JVP was founded by Mitchell Plitnick, a former 60’s Berkeley radical who emerged on the activist scene as the Palestine Solidarity Movement grew after its creation in 2001. As a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, JVP’s platform is to convince American Jews that Israel is the main hindrance to any peace because of its “occupation” of Arab lands. This means all of Israel, not just lands taken in 1967. Consequently, JVP views any effort by Israel to defend itself simply as a perpetuation of this unjust “occupation.”

Click here to read the rest of The ISM’s “Jewish Voice for Peace” and their dubious accounting practices.

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