Islam’s gift to the Jews

For Muslims, the general causes of Jew hatred has always been found in the Jews and not in themselves, their Koran, or their barbaric history.

Because of Islam, Jews in Israel are still shut away in a ghetto, chains are still stretched across the end of the streets in which Jews live, and a hostile atmosphere is created around them, an atmosphere of mistrust, of blatent hatred, acknowledged and because of 1400 years of powerful prejudices, a ghetto which is terrible in a different way than the ghetto the Jew could have escaped from by rebellion or exile.

The animosity of the Jew by the Muslim is overt.

Every intelligent Jew perceives it. Every intelligent Jew feels it. And the rest of the world approves of it.

Because of Islam, a cement wall now exists, which Muslims have themselves erected through their terroristic methods and traditions.

This is Islam’s gift.

Because of Islam, Jews are loathed. The Jew is hated, not because his deepest desire is to return to the Land of our forefathers, or because the Jew is a soldier, but it’s because the Jew is Jewish, and it is above all, as a Jew, that he has been persecuted.

It is because he is Jewish that he is reviled, it is because he is Jewish that he is murdered, it is because he is Jewish that voice of justice and truth cannot be raised in his defense, and the responsibility for the sentence passed on the Jewish people sits squarely on the shoulder of those who rought it about by their unworthy incitement, their lies, their slanders and their barbaric history.

The ghetto is the gift from Islam to the Jew; from Muslims, who themselves are the cruel and barbaric land grabbers bar none.

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