Islam’s double-standard

Hamas has admitted that it has fired on Fatah demonstrators in Gaza because they threw stones at them. Seems like some Hamas members asked Reginald Denny if throwing stones could be painful. Thanks to Colin for sending in this excellent mirror of the hypocrisy embedded in the palestinian Muslim culture. The moral of the story? Jews can’t defend themselves when Muslims throw stones at them, but Muslims *can* defend themselves when other Muslims throw stones at them. From Reuters:

Hamas security men opened fire after protesters hurled rocks at them in the Gaza Strip on Friday [Aug 24, 2007] in the biggest demonstration against the Islamist group since it seized control of the territory in June.No injuries were reported, but the confrontation between supporters of President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah faction and Hamas’s Executive Force policing the Gaza Strip underscored the volatility of the bitter rivalry between the two movements. “Jihad, jihad! (Holy war),” demonstrators chanted as they marched down the streets of Gaza City, applauding as others smashed an unmanned Hamas security post on the roadside.

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