Islamophobic and Proud Of It

Folks, this great button graphic was created by the terrific folks at Gates of Vienna. Please visit Gates of Vienna an add the button to your own blog. From Gates of Vienna:

The term “Islamophobe” is fast joining “racist”, “homophobe”, et al., as a reliable tool of politically-correct argument, a way of silencing the Left’s opponents and consigning dissenters to the phobic outer darkness beyond the pale of polite discourse.

Object to Hamas? You must be Islamophobic!

Want to scrutinize speakers of Farsi or Arabic more carefully at the airport? Islamophobe!

It is with this in mind that Gates of Vienna proudly launches a pre-emptive counterstrike.

If I can figure out a way to scrape it off the screen and put it on a real button, I’ll pin it to my waistcoat or on the lapel of my dinner jacket, for all the world to see. In the meantime, this [button] will have to do.

Folks, I’ve met my fellow Islamophobic bruthas and sistahs; my name is Smooth and I’m an Islamophobic and proud of it.

Actually, I’m not Islamophobic, I’m just IslamoRepulsed and IslamoDisgusted. Big difference.

Check out the button on my sidebar, folks, and check out Gates of Vienna for more information on the button, because it’s high time that we crush the passenger side of the muslim jihad with the best shots we got.

Read more about Islamophobic Pride, here.

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