“Islamophobia” Idiocy

From “Islamophobia” Idiocy:

Ken Livingstone, London’s quixotic mayor, has shifted the blame from the terrorists to the British at large, who are supposedly tempted by “Islamophobia.” Thus, Livingstone works his way into a logical impasse: Do we dislike them because they want to kill us, or do they want to kill us because we dislike them? He implies that the main blame must lie with the British government and its U.S. allies, especially President Bush, who has declared war on terror rather than seeking to cuddle it. Britain and a few other Western democracies are the only places on earth where Muslims of all persuasions can practice their faith in full freedom. Hamas and Hizbullah are strongly present in Britain; the Islamic Liberation Party, banned in all Muslim countries, has its headquarters in London. Pro-Hamas and pro-Hizbullah militants are featured on British TV almost every evening. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s “Supreme Guide,” Ali Khamenei, maintains a “personal office” in London with twice as many personnel as Iran’s official embassy.

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