Islamofacism Fraud at Wright State

Shari’a is toxic enough, but add fraud and deception to the mix and you got yourself a weapon of mass destruction. From FrontPageMagazine:

Mohammad “Moody” Kassem, a student government officer at Wright State University, devised a plan to use his student government position to help promote the extremist agenda of another organization he is also a leader of – the Muslim Student Association.

In late February, Moody Kassem posted an online poll on the Wright State student government website directed exclusively towards Muslims which asked:

If you are of Islamic faith would you utilize a permanent prayer room?

This in itself seems innocuous enough, but Kassem then began contacting Muslims all over the country – with no association or ties to Wright State University or its local community – to participate in this poll with the expressed intent to use the results of this poll to approach WSU Provost Steven Angle to pressure the university to establish a permanent private Islamic prayer room on the campus of this state university. The poll was featured prominently on the home page of the Wright State Student Government website. With this e-mail going out well beyond WSU’s service area, a seemingly insignificant poll on the student government website rapidly spun up hundreds of affirmative responses. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) has been identified as one of the primary front groups in the United States for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization (see the MSA dossier prepared by The Investigative Project on Terrorism). The MSA’s agenda of Islamic radicalization can be seen in the group’s publication, “MSA Starter’s Guide: A Guide on How to Run a Successful MSA”. That guide lays out a program to promote an “in-your-face” brand of Islam:

It should be the long-term goal of every MSA to Islamicize the politics of their respective university…the politicization of the MSA means to make the MSA
more of a force on internal campus politics. The MSA needs to be a more
‘In-your-face’ association…For example, the student body must be convinced that
there is such a thing as a Muslim-bloc….

Extremist “in-your-face” agendas are nothing new on college campuses, of course, but most student groups haven’t operating as fronts for international Islamic terrorist organizations, as has the MSA.

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