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Islamists torch 10 churches

Muslim extremists have burned down 10 Christian churches in Nigeria in an attack thought to have been sparked by a mentally retarded Christian teenager desecrating the Quran.

“We are still receiving reports from affected churches on this incident and would inform you adequately on the issue once the security situation there improves,” Dr. Sam Kujiyat, vice-chairman of the Kaduna state chapter of CAN told journalists, according to the news service.

“Islamic terrorists hiding under the cover of religion have invaded the state and are now unleashing terror on Christians over stupid reasons.”

“It is our conclusion that Muslim leaders are deliberately using fanatics in the name of Islam to engage in periodic attacks on Christians with the sole aim to intimidate, terrorize and force Christians into submission and to denounce their faith,” Kujiyat said.

The teen is said to be in a coma.

Another tragedy in the name of a fake “peaceful” religion.

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