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Islamist Terrorist Network In America

We already know that there is an Islamist Terrorist Network in America. Steve Emerson and other independent investigators have performed a great service by documenting the jihadist’s pernicious existence in American neighborhoods. Now we learn that two Muslim members of a prison gang in California pleaded guilty Friday to charges of planning to run an “American intifada,” targeting synagogues, U.S. military bases, Los Angeles Airport, Israeli embassies and consulates, and U.S. government sites. The two face sentences of between 20 years in prison on the conspiracy charges, while one could be sentenced to life for a previous crime. The two were members of a prison gang called Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh, established specifically to target “enemies of Islam.” According to the FBI, the plot was in advanced stages when the two Muslim phucks were arrested in 2005.

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