Islamic TV Channel in U.S. Broadcasts Wahhabi Sermons from Mecca

Here ya go. America’s freedom of speech has now extended to allowing an Islamic TV Channel in the U.S. to broadcast wahhabi sermons from Mecca. Bridges TV, an American-Islamic TV channel “seeking to improve the image of Muslims in the United States” and to “offer a unique perspective on the Middle East and the war on terrorism,” has extended its availability into six states, creating a potential audience of nearly 2 million. A religious figure who appeared on the channel on Oct. 3 said Muslims have a duty to change America and to increase their numbers to 50% of the population from 2%.

He recommended that Islamic law be implemented in American courts. On Oct. 5, a discussant offered a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict: “For the Jews to leave and return to Europe.” Throughout the day, Bridges TV airs segments of Koranic verses, quite a few of which denounce “unbelievers.”

One notable verse that aired Oct. 9 praised martyrdom. Since the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began, the channel has been showing official, Saudi government-controlled Wahhabi sermons from Mecca, with English subtitles.

My perception of Muslims will change when Muslim’s perceptions of Jews will change. Until then I will continue to wear my badge that says I am a Proud Member of the Apes and Pigs Alliance.

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