Islamic leader ‘overjoyed’ by shuttle crash

Folks, here’s another example of the lovingkindness that effuses from the black hearts of the followers of the fake “religion of peace“:

An Islamic spiritual leader scheduled for arraignment today on charges of counseling others to engage in a holy war against America told followers that he was “overjoyed” by the crash of the space shuttle Columbia, which killed six U.S. astronauts and one Israeli.

According to court records, Ali Al-Timimi, 40, of Fairfax, a primary lecturer at the Dar al Arqam Islamic Center in Falls Church, also known as the Center for Islamic Information and Education, said the Feb. 1, 2003, disintegration of the Columbia as it entered the Earth’s atmospere brought welcome adversity to the United States.

“This morning, the world heard news about the crash of the space shuttle,” Mr. Al-Timimi said, according to a six-count indictment handed up in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. “There is no doubt that Muslims were overjoyed because of the adversity that befell their greatest enemy.

“Upon hearing the news, my heart felt certain good omens that I liked to spread to my brothers,” Mr. Al-Timimi said.

Islamic leader ‘overjoyed’ by shuttle crash

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