Islamic Fascists and the Torah

This link to YidWithLid was sent to me by Jeff Dunetz:

Anybody that has doubts about if the Torah has any relevance to our lives today should read the verses that will be chanted in Shul this coming Shabbos (Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17). It says:

When the Lord your God has cut down before you the nations that you are about to enter and dispossess, and you have dispossessed them and settled in their land, beware of being lured into their ways after they have been wiped out before you! Do not inquire about their gods, saying, “How did those nations worship their gods? I too will follow those practices.” You shall not act thus toward the Lord your God, for they perform for their gods every abhorrent act that the Lord detests; they even offer up their sons and daughters in fire to their gods.

Over the last month we have seen numerous stories about the Islamic fascists of Hezbollah using kids as human shields in the name of Islam, “offering up their sons and daughters in fire to their gods.” The aborted Islamic terrorist plot stopped in Great Britain included a young mother using her six-month-old child’s baby bottle, as a vehicle to smuggle onto a plane bomb components. She was going to put the pieces together in mid air and then blow the plane and her little baby into little pieces.

How should deal with these people, what does the caputulation fo the recent ceasefire agreement mean to the US, Israel and those who “put their children through the fire”?

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