Is it better to be late or should she have stated this months ago

Answering questions at Princeton on Friday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said: “Hamas is a terrorist group and it has to be disbanded, both for peace and security in the Middle East and for the proper functioning of the Palestinian Authority. After all, it is a roadmap obligation of the Palestinian Authority to disband militias and armed resistance groups. There are periods of time of transition in which one has to give some space to the participants, in this case the Palestinians, to begin to come to a new national compact. But I cannot imagine, in the final analysis, a new national compact that leaves an armed resistance group within the political space. You cannot simultaneously keep an option on politics and an option on violence. There simply isn’t a case that I can think of internationally where that’s been permitted to happen.”

Hamas “stands for the destruction of Israel. Hamas is an organization that asks Palestinian mothers and fathers to give their children up to make themselves suicide bombers. And it is a real detriment and block to further peace in the Middle East. We do, I think, need to give the Palestinians some space to try and reconcile their national politics, but they’re going to eventually have to disarm these groups. They can’t have it both ways.”

Condi, where were you in 1964 when the scourge Yassir Arafat created the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) whose national charter calls for the destruction of Israel in more than half of its 33 articles?

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