Is David Szady targetting Jews?

Folks, this is a disturbing item, and if its true then Szady should step down.

David Szady, the senior FBI counterintelligence official currently heading the controversial investigation of AIPAC, is well-known to senior Jewish communal officials, who assert he has targeted Jews in the past.

Szady was involved in a well-publicized case involving a Jewish former CIA staff attorney, Adam Ciralsky, who sued the FBI, the CIA, and its top officials for religious discrimination. Szady headed the department that former CIA Director George Tenet admitted in 1999 was involved with “insensitive, unprofessional, and highly inappropriate” language regarding Ciralsky.

He is identified in documents as the chief of the CIA’s Counterespionage Group, known as CEG, which was accused of targeting Ciralsky for being Jewish and a supporter of Israel. One Jewish official stated that he knew of as many as 10 other CIA employees who had been harassed or pressured because of their Jewish background, but they were afraid to come forward. Official Heading AIPAC Probe Linked to Anti-Semitism Case – Edwin Black (JTA)

See also: Growing Suspicion AIPAC Probe Driven by Improper Agenda (Maariv International)

A Washington source familiar with the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed to Maariv that David Szady personally initiated and oversaw the AIPAC probe.

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