Is the BBC just coward or liars or both?

Received by email:
Today has been quiet, and a few of us took the opportunity to walk the Tayelet (Promenade) that overlooks the city and harbor, from where the international TV networks have been broadcasting. We saw them all set up with antennas and truckloads of equipment. We watched as BBC World gave its hourly headline update. Imagine our horror as we heard the reporter say the following: “Israel will not agree to a cease fire, and we are able to hear the sounds of artillery exploding ceaselessly into Lebanon.”

We howled in outrage. The Lebanese border is 30 miles from here, and you can barely hear the sirens in Akko 10 miles away. The fighting now is in the East near the Syrian border not on the coast. When we asked him why he was lying, his answer to us was, “I hear them. You are old and can’t hear.” We talked with the CNBC crew and asked them why the reporting was so unbalanced, and they told us (very nicely) that when they show casualties in Israel and fires in the north, Arabs from all over the world bombard them with complaints and threaten to explode their facilities in the Arab world. I was so upset I didn’t even
start with CNN. We are going back tomorrow evening with a larger (and more vocal) group.

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