Iraqi insurgents cooperating with Palestinian terrorists

Folks, recently captured documents reveal ongoing support for the intifada, and possible links with Palestinian terrorist groups based in Damascus, Syria.Wordnetdaily (WND) reports today, in an article written by Aaron Klein, that the post-Saddam Baathist leadership, which is controlling the Sunni insurgency in central Iraq is maintaining the close links Saddam forged with Palestinian terrorist groups.These include continuing the funding to families of dead terrorists begun by Saddam. Intelligence officials believe that these may have extended to include operational coordination with the Damascus headquarters of various Palestinian terrorist movements, including Hamas. The existence and scope of these links recently came to light following the capture of an important document by US forces in Iraq. US military sources allowed WND to obtain the document. Unlike documents Hussein issued while in power, the new certificate refers to the former Iraqi leader as a “Freedom Fighter,” and is not signed by Hussein himself, but by the “Iraq Sector Command,” a reference not previously used in such certificates, indicating that post-Hussein militants may be seeking to fund Palestinian terrorism. Military analysts experienced in Iraqi affairs told WorldNetDaily the document appears indeed to be post-Hussein, although it is unclear whether it was printed while Hussein went into hiding or after he was captured in December 2003. While in power, Hussein paid the families of Palestinian suicide bombers as much as $25,000 a piece. The checks were thought to provide major financial motivation to underprivileged teenagers who could help their cash-strapped families with the payments that would be issued upon completion of a suicide mission. According to documents captured in 2002 by Israel’s Operation Defensive Shield, Hussein set up an “Arab Liberation Front” – a Ba’ath party department in the Palestinian areas used to encourage terrorism and issue checks, usually through the Palestine Investment Bank, to the families of suicide bombers. The payments were $15,000 at the start of the intifada, and were later raised to $25,000. Hussein would also issue checks of $10,000 to the families of “ordinary” Palestinians killed in the intifada by other means, such as “through the aggression of the Zionist army.” Along with the checks came the martyrdom certificates, signed by Hussein, that read: “A gift from President Saddam Hussein to the family of a martyr in the al-Aqsa intifada. To those who irrigate the land with their blood. You deserve the honor you will receive from Allah and you will defeat all who bow before your will.”

A $25,000 check and martyrdom certificate, for example, was transferred on June 23, 2002, to Khaldiya Isma’il Abd Al-Aziz Al-Hurani, mother of the Hamas terrorist Fuad Isma’il Ahmad Al-Hurani, who carried out a suicide attack on March 19 of that year in Jerusalem’s Moment Cafe. Eleven Israelis were killed and 16 wounded in the attack. Checks for $15,000 each were given along with the martyrdom certificates to the families of Hamas suicide terrorists who blew themselves up in Zion Square in Jerusalem on Dec. 1, 2001. Receipts were attached to the checks, in which the family confirmed they received the “President Saddam Hussein’s Grant” from the “Arab Liberation Front.” The captured certificate, titled “Certificate of Voluntary Martyrdom for the Liberation of Palestine,” reads: “For responding to the summons of Supreme President Freedom Fighter Saddam Hussein to serve Allah and his subjects, (fill in name of Martyr) is recognized for the high honor of his voluntary service for the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem from the treacherous cheating Zionists and for this high achievement this certificate of Martyrdom is conferred.” It is unclear whether any of the new certificates have been issued, or whether Baathist money has been transferred to Palestinians since Hussein’s downfall and capture. Palestinian terrorism has sharply declined since America occupied Iraq and Israel began construction of its security fence. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, told WorldNetDaily: “Iraqi money for Palestinian suicide bombers for years helped to legitimize atrocities. Should that money have continued after the end of Saddam Hussein’s rule, it points to the deep and abiding connection between his horrific regime and the horrific Palestinian killers.” An Israeli security source said, “the continuation of funding for Palestinian terrorism could serve Iraqi insurgent interests because it continues to stress their connection to the Palestinian and Arab causes, and helps them to recruit Palestinians to fight in Iraq.” (2004-09-29 00:56:59.0)