Iraq Poised to Become Main Iranian Ally

WW III is looming. I am neither a military strategist nor a political scientist, but you’d have to bbe anocephaletic to not be able to recognize the horrible future we are all about to face. From Iraq Poised to Become Main Iranian Ally:

To Iran’s west lies a natural ally and perhaps its most potent weapon in the international fray over its nuclear program. All signs point to an increasingly robust relationship with Iraq now that Shiites have achieved a dominant role in the leadership. Iran and Iraq share a Shiite Muslim majority and deep cultural and historic ties, and Tehran’s influence over its neighbor is growing. Iran will likely try to use Iraq as a battleground if the U.S. punishes Tehran economically or militarily, analysts say.

Many key positions in the Iraqi government now are occupied by men who took refuge in Iran to avoid oppression by Saddam’s Baathist regime. Iraq’s powerful militias, meanwhile, have strong ties to Iran and have deeply infiltrated Iraqi security forces. They can be expected to side with Iran if the West should attack, said Paul Ingram of the British American Security Information Council.

See also Iranian-Backed Militia Groups Take Control in Southern Iraq:

Southern Iraq is now dominated by Shiite Muslim warlords and militiamen who are laying the groundwork for an Islamic fundamentalist government, say senior British and Iraqi officials in the area. The militias appear to be supported by Iranian intelligence or military units that are shipping weapons to the militias in Iraq and providing training for them in Iran. “People are training on the other side of the border and then coming back,” said Lt. Col. David Labouchere, who commands British units in the province of Maysan, north of Basra. “Saudi Arabia is trying to counter the rising power of Iran in Basra by giving money and weapons to fanatical Sunni groups operating there,” said a senior Iraqi Ministry of Defense official in the city.

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