Iran’s leader calls for jihad against Israel

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hailed palestinian barbarians for “expelling the Zionist regime from Gaza” and said “the only way to confront the Zionist enemy is the continuation and fortification of resistance and jihad.”

When haven’t Islamists called for jihad against Israel? Heh, they probably know that Israel is about to kick their butt. By the way Iran has produced about 7 tons of the gas it needs for uranium enrichment since it restarted the process last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Friday. A former UN nuclear inspector said that would be enough for an atomic weapon: UN: Iran Produced Enough Stock for Nuclear Weapon.

In Moscow, the atheist regime sees no reason why the question of Iran’s nuclear program should be sent to the UN (Security Council),” Alexander Yakovenko, a Russian deputy foreign minister, said Monday.

The sides are being drawn, folks. A great war is on the horizon.

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