Iranian President: Palestinian resistance prepares ground for complete exit of Zionists, Hamas to continue resistance

Ahmadinejad, the demented and feverishly deformed capuchin monkey, on Tuesday called on Muslim states “to support the popular government of Palestine.” From Islamic Republic News Agency:

“The Zionist regime of Israel is in its worst period of life and its condition is deteriorating. Muslim states are required to support the popular government of Palestine,” said President Ahmadinejad in a meeting with head of the Hamas political bureau Khalid Mashal.

“Divine victory, which is the result of resistance and faith of the oppressed Palestinian nation, is imminent. The Palestinian people should be wise and support the Palestinian government-elect, thus preparing the ground for liberation of noble Qods and their freedom from the Zionist regime,” announced the President.

“As vigilance of Palestinian movements nullified recent plots and conspiracies of the enemies of Palestinian people, the Palestinian groups should be united, continue resistance, have faith in God and safeguard aspirations of the Palestinian nation, thus preparing the ground for complete withdrawal of Zionists from the holy Palestinian territory,” he announced.

Ok, monkey-boy, why are there still refugee camps in areas under the PA for the past, oh, 60 years? What about how the Jordanians and Egyptians kept the Palestinians in refugee camps, doesn’t that matter?
Could it be that the billions of dollars that the UNWRA has sent there goes to terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, El Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, or Hezbollah? How did Yassir Arafat achieve his $300 million in wealth? Why aren’t these funds distributed for humanitarian use? But that doesn’t matter to a moral pygmy like you. It only matters if Israel can get blamed somehow, otherwise, forget it and carry on with your typical Islamist dishonesty.

Furthermore, the reason why Israel keeps a tight lid on the Palestinian territories is because they stupidly won’t shut up about the fact that their ultimate goal is to destroy Israel at the first given opportunity.

Honestly, I have never met a bigger bunch of morons in my life. Muslim Arabs want to continue to call for Israel’s destruction, of course, launched from the West Bank and Gaza, yet they refuse to understand why Israel keeps a tight grasp over them. How wonderful it would be if Arabs would shut the eff up about destroying Israel, and instead, launch a successful peace campaign, end their ethnocentric boycott of Jewish anything, stop their calls for holy war, stop misappropriating Jewish holy sites, and then we’ll talk. Arabs only want Israel to be weak so they can overwhelm her with their hostile Muslim hoards.

What a perverted disease Islamism has become. Too bad there is no cure.

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