Iranian paper: Great war to wipe out Israel coming

Iranian newspapers Kehyan and and Resalat have urged Muslims around the world to prepare for a ‘great war’ to destroy the State of Israel. The newspapers published the editorials, translated from Persian by MEMRI, the Middle East translation service, to mark ‘Quds’ day on October 20, an Iranian ‘holiday’ calling for the “liberation” of Jerusalem and war against Israel. “Hizbullah destroyed at least half of Israel in the Lebanon war… Now only half the path (to its destruction) remains,” an editorial in the Keyhan newspaper declared.

Folks, this is just another example that Islam, at its core, is lethally militaristic and institutionalizes homicide. Besides, the only half of Israel that Hizbullah destroyed are the greenhouses in Gaza, but don’t expect the truth from unevolved, hairy, misshapen Muslim tyrant dictators.

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