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Iranian newspaper begins Holocaust cartoon contest

Ahmadinejad, the latest demon to infest the Middle East, has called the Muhammad drawings a Zionist conspiracy and is sponsoring a national Holocaust Cartoon Contest. This is an act beneath contempt and will continue to foment my disgust for Islam and its followers. Thanks to watching leaders of the Arab world spew their incredible, unbelievable, despicable bile and listening to how easily they lie, how much they manipulate, how devious they are, how they twist and turn reality, fold and spindle the truth without trying to bring an end to terrorism, is abundant cause for my repulsion. If only Muslims would practice basic guidelines of loving kindness, this would be a better world.Like Caroline Glick writes, “At its base, the Muslim furor over the cartoons is part and parcel of their culture war against the West. The Muslims pushing the issue believe that non-Muslims ought to behave obsequiously towards all things Islamic, while the Muslims are free to demonize Jews as monkeys and pigs and accuse Christians of being idolaters. According to the rules of their culture war, if Western societies refuse to behave in accordance with their dictates, the Muslims have the right and duty to attack them.”If violence begets rewards, bigger violence will beget bigger rewards. Iran is a clear and present danger. Hamas is a clear and present danger. Al Qaida is a clear and present danger. The Taliban is a clear and present danger. It’s time to knock Muslim thugs off of their pedestals of arrogance and supremacy and to bring them down to where they belong: under the heel of Judgement and Righteousness. Amen.

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